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Please Stay UK is a collaborative effort to create awareness about the importance of keeping Europe strong and united and letting the people of the UK know we want them in.

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Please stay UK

To the people of the United Kingdom and beloved fellow Europeans, we are a Portuguese/German couple and a bunch of friends, family and work colleagues that would really like the UK to stay in the EU and decided to try to find a way of letting the people of the UK know it. We also think that the vast majority of Europeans might well want to do the same thing.

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    with all your European friends, in your country or anywhere else in the world. Let them know that there is this easy way of telling all their British friends we would like them to stay in the EU.

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    from your country, personalized, wearing the Please Stay UK virtual t-shirt with your favorite "please stay reason" message picked from our curated list.

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    on our wall and send it to all your British friends. You can do that straight away when you finish your card by clicking the communication and social media buttons.

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