Let the UK know we want them in

To the people of the United Kingdom and beloved fellow Europeans,

We are a Portuguese/German couple and a bunch of friends, family and work colleagues that would really like the UK to stay in the EU and decided to try to find a way of letting the people of the UK know it. We also think that the vast majority of Europeans might well want to do the same thing.

We think we all have a number of essential challenges ahead of us like preserving peace, eliminating poverty, controlling climate change, protecting our oceans, stopping the reduction in biodiversity, creating more prosperous and equal societies, stopping radicalism and populism, and eliminating terrorism for example which we can only do with a lot of cooperation at regional and global scale. Mr. Trump has decided that it will now be America first and Russia and China sometimes prefer to play by their own rules. So, it really feels like this is a key moment for a strong and united Europe to lead the difficult challenge of keeping the world committed to working together in our institutions of World Governance such as the UN, the WTO, the WHO, UNESCO and all the additional protocols, conventions and agreements to try and achieve the key UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Even more importantly, we like the UK! It is true that you are sometimes a little odd and quirky, and we have no idea why you insist on driving on the wrong side of the road or have weird, chunky electrical plugs, but we recognize that we all have our oddities and quirkiness and actually cherish this as one of the nicest features of Europe. We feel European because of Europe’s values but also because of this diverse, sometimes weird (what were you thinking when you invented marmite?!?), heritage.

We know Brussels is a little bureaucratic and sometimes it feels like we cannot agree even on the obvious but, if you take a deep breath and think how incredibly complex and difficult regional and global agreements are, you might realize that we are not doing that badly. It’s somewhat better than the UN and quite often even better than Washington which is coordinating just states within a single country. Also —you are one of the best countries in Europe at pressing for improvements and suggesting sensible solutions!

Here is what we will try to do:

We will ask all Europeans from the EU member states to ask you, people of the UK, to stay. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how to achieve this given the relatively complicated Brexit process you have got yourselves into, but we do know that where there is a will there is a way!

As a bonus, we've created a custom T-shirt for each of the EU member states. If you want to get one you can do so at our store.

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